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Meet the creators

Pieter Lübbe:

Pieter Lubbe is a South African fine artist and poet currently based in Cape Town.

His work often conveys multiple layers of allegory, nuance and recurring themes such as identity, duality, extremity and time.

Pieter started exhibiting art in Pretoria and soon after he added a degree in Architecture and an English language qualification to his trade, he moved abroad and spent two years living and working in Prague, Czech Republic while honing his skills and continuing his craft through exhibitions and commissions.

Through his background in Architecture and Language, Pieter often pulls references from both these spheres – a process which has enabled him to blur the lines between concept-driven artistic expression and linguistic influences in the final artistic impression.

The work on display provides an insight into Pieters psyche, manifesting an interesting dichotomy between his colourful and expressive personality traits against a backdrop of melancholy and pathos, all evident in his work.

Kyle Jardine:

Kyle is a born and bred Capetonian who qualified with a film degree and musical theatre licentiate. He has worked extensively as an actor, both locally and abroad. He shares his time between art and illustration, performance, behind the scenes in costume design, while continuing to build his portfolio.

He has a keen eye for art, fashion, creativity and detail. He is always creating something and immersing himself in art and aesthetics. He’s a self-taught artist, having explored and experimented in multiple mediums, though his preferred medium is ink on paper.

His work is predominantly architecturally focused, drawing inspiration from local heritage buildings. Whether Victorian, Edwardian or Cape Dutch, the structural details, shape and design of Cape Town’s buildings fascinate me. He enjoys capturing street scenes, the crowded overlapping buildings, the juxtaposition of the old and new world, as well as the detailed facades of historic buildings.

His joy is in the quirks; the patterns, the unexpected shapes, the squiggly lines. There is something new that is awakened by giving these majestic buildings a comical style in the interpretation.

Shane Mayongo:

Shane Mayongo is the founder of Sne & Busi’s Ceramics, in the crafts skills set of being a potter and a ceramist. Born 31 May 1982 in the Northern Cape Upington, he grew up in Cape Town where he was introduced to the craftsmanship of pottery by his mother’s late uncle. Shane then came back to his home town where he later underwent learnership given by Mintek. Shane started his own company “Sne & Busi’s Ceramic’s” (Sinethemba & Buyiswa) which are the names of his son and daughter.

Sne & Busi Pottery (Pty) Ltd is a company that designs and manufactures ceramic craft products.

Ali Cockburn:

South African resident, Ali Cockburn – pronounced Coburn – embarked on her art career a mere six years ago. Taking her inspiration from the environment in which she lives and works – her beach front home in Ballito – coupled with being an ex-national swimmer, it’s this environment that inspires her large colourful canvases, many of them with ocean and sea life themes. Ali says the beauty of her work is the intrigue, and often debate, it evokes within people.

Ali launched ACA – Ali Cockburn Atelier soon after her successful New York art debut in 2018 where she broke the gallery record when her largest and most expensive painting was sold within 20 minutes of the exhibition opening to the general public.

The ACA range consists of bespoke home décor items including high quality cotton and linen fabrics all featuring her art images. Her current fabric range includes tablecloths, runners, napkins and tea towels as well as gorgeous scatter cushions.
Also part of this exciting brand is a range of resin items including gorgeous resin platers and bowls that can be used as wall art.
Ali launched her first design, Flying Fish, in her wallpaper range at the end of last year too.

Erin-Rose Barenblatt:

I am Erin-Rose Barenblatt, a young and upcoming artist born and raised in Cape Town. My love for colour and passion for emotion heightened through art pieces can be seen in my works. In my world, exotic colour brings out the beauty in a piece. My work ranges from funky pieces, to elegant, to provocative and sensual. My art has brightened up people’s homes and bare walls. As I grow, my style rapidly evolves, which makes everything exciting and unpredictable. I paint with acrylic on canvas, but my mediums do vary to other art mediums as I grow and explore the art world. My style of painting has evolved to the stage that I am currently in, which is modern contemporary. My art is quite unique, as it expresses my emotions which is seen in my swift brush strokes. I paint quickly, as I allow my emotions guide my brush to the canvas.


Alexander Maritz is a Cape Town based artist and photographer. He graduated from Stellenbosch University with a honours degree in Fine Art, specialising in drawing and mixed media.


Alexander, spent most of his childhood behind either the lens of a camera or drawing. His ambitious nature and keen eye for detail serves as his main drive when creating. He has been working professionally for the past 10 years doing commissions and exhibiting in various galleries around Cape Town (most recently: “The Greatest Hits” show at AVA Gallery).


Jennifer (Jenny) Smuts resides in the leafy suburb of Constantia where she sculpts what ever has inspired her. Her ceramic sculptures are mostly inspired by nature, people, and her family.

Her playful and cheeky style results in her sculptures being very emotive as well as bring out your inner child.

Jenny sculpts whatever makes her happy and she hopes that her sculptures do the same to whoever ends up enjoying them.

Simon Venter:

Simon’s series Life as we know it pt1-4 began at the beginning of the hard lockdown in 2020. Each person is someone the artist knows; his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s father, a man he met working on his girlfriend’s dad’s car, and a man named Darren who stands at the robots nearby asking for food and money. When he showed the painting to his girlfriend she realised that she ken the man too and had met him about 10 years before. When Simon started this series he did not consciously think about these connections but once he had finished it came to him. His premise for each piece was to paint a portrait of someone so that he could convey the dignity and importance of individual identity and experience.


Julia Budden:

Born in Cape Town (1976), Julia is a local Cape Town Artist, working mainly with acrylics, charcoal, pens and watercolour, and more recently cyanotype processes, to make abstract art, that evokes our indigenous flora and fauna and the feeling of ‘home’ with her use of colour, textures and marks.

With great influence from her Artist mother, Julia has always been a creative person, who studied Art for Matric, but didn’t pursue a creative career because she thought she needed a ‘safer’ job. Little did she know, that art making was deeply embedded in her soul, and when she had her own children, the call to create and express herself through colour and line, became more urgent. She took art classes both with local and overseas Artists and began to explore her own artistic voice, and making art became a constant side activity to her more formal, yet also creative career as a Landscape Designer.

She had the great fortune of studying Psychology, Landscape Design and later Ecotherapy, three key forces that influenced her work to become a reflection of her inner journeying through the ups and downs of life’s landscapes, as well as a celebration of her love of her homeland of South Africa and her deep connection to its abundant nature and beauty.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Cape Town, and she dreams of her art taking her on exciting travel adventures around Africa and abroad in beautiful homes, luxury lodges and retreat destinations in the future.


Matthew Potter:

Cape Town born Matthew “Abstract” Potter creates his artworks using the gift of Pareidolia. Patterns in random visual stimuli results in inspiration for his pieces. Best known for his imperfect shapes, bright colours and black lines his signature style encourages a discussion amongst the viewers in regards to “what do you see?” and what the artist sees.

Most often we see what we want to see in life, but our perspective can change when someone flips our view on its head. With this thought in mind he often creates pieces that can be rotated, so that the viewer can see something different and exercise their imagination. His work is often playful and in tandem contemplative.

He received his BA degree in Visual Communications from AAA School of Advertising, where he specialized in Art Direction.

Most of his work thus far has been acrylic on canvas and he’s exploring mixed media.

His work has been exhibited at Gallery One11 in Loop Street and at Young Blood Africa Gallery.


Melissa Barker:

Melissa Barker is an established ceramics artist, a qualified French chef and Archaeologist, based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently under examination for her Master’s of Arts degree in Archaeology focusing on ancient food and ceramics at the University of South Africa, under the mentorship of Prof Magdel le Roux. Her research focuses on the Yale Babylonian cooking recipes which were written in 1700 BC as well as the pottery that was used during this period. Melissa’s extensive knowledge of Mesopotamian material culture, and the experience of working with ancient ceramics, has greatly influenced her vessels. They are both expressive and extremely refined forms, and indirectly pay homage to the sophistication of this ancient civilization.

In November 2021, she won the Premier Award 2021 for her marbled porcelain artwork entitled ’Eclosion’ in the Ceramics South Africa (Western Cape) Regional competition. She has developed a range of distinctive marbled porcelain vessels, as each piece is individually marbled by hand and therefore unique. In 2019. she was also awarded the Ceramics South Africa (Western Cape) -New Signatures Award.

In August to September 2020, Melissa did a six-week ceramic residency with Andile Dyalvane and Zizipo Poswa of IMISO Studios, whereby she re-created ancient ceramic cooking pots from around 1700BC and cooked some of the recipes from the Yale Babylonian collection in a project called Nuhatimmu -`to cook`. Bringing ancient cooking back to life.

In February to March 2020, Melissa participated in an international Ceramics residency ‘Rise’ in France, under the mentorship of Dr Wendy Gers, an award-winning curator and scholar and Lauren Kearns, a world-renowned ceramic artist and director of International Artist Residency Exchange. During this period, she created the body of work, entitled “I See You’. Some of these vessels formed part of the 2021 ‘Nature Morte-Still from life’, Rupert Museum in collaboration with Eclectica Contemporary.

In 2017, she was commissioned to re-create ancient ceramics for the National Geographic documentary, Origins.


Kendal Warren:

Kendal Warren has been working in clay for nearly two decades.She has exhibited on several group exhibitions and her work is available in galleries around South Africa. Her work has also been included in various design projects, including the Westin Grand Hotel, the Hout Bay Manor and the One and Only Hotel. One of her plates was used in the refurbishment of the the Tuynhuys and three of her pieces have been purchased by the Iziko Museum in Cape Town for their permanent collection.

All pieces are hand-built in either earthenware or stoneware. Inspiration is drawn from many sources, ranging from traditional African to contemporary design. She is drawn to pattern of all sorts, has a love for textile design and enjoys using clay to interpret aspects of her daily life in a bright and quirky way. Kendal works and teaches ceramics from her studio in Cape Town.


Sinethemba Xola:

I am SineBhungan Xola born 10 June 1980 and raised in the Eastern Cape in Port Elizabeth (Motherwell) . I got both my practical and academic training (Ceramic Design) in P.E Technikon in 2000 to 2003. My first experience with clay was in 1999 at Russell Road College where I did an extended curriculum course as foundational studies for art. On completion and graduation of my B-Tech degree in 2004, I moved to Cape Town to work at Light From Africa Foundation a non-profit organization as a studio technician and assistant trainer for a semester .

In 2005 I then got an opportunity to be a lecturer for ceramics, Entrepreneur & Business Management at College of CapeTown until the end of January 2007. Later in 2007 I then relocated to Johannesburg where I got lecturing post for craft production in ceramics at Central Johannesburg TVET College from August 2008 to December 2018 when I decided to resign, I also worked at iMbaLi Literacy Project as a Facilitator for ceramics from 2013 to 2019.I’m the founder and owner of Bhungane Ceramics a company I established in 2013 and we produce mostly hand built ceramics with African design motifs with smoke fired and glazed sculptural finish. As a practicing artist my work is mostly based on a female figure and the doilie pattern . The female is also a source of inspiration in my work in many ways that I intend to explore through the medium of clay. Most of my work is hand built pots, slip-casted vases based on a female figure.

In 2020 January until December I worked at iMiso Ceramics in CapeTown Salties as Clay workshop facilitator and studio technician . I’m currently sharing a studio with a good friend of mine .


Joel Mamboka Nkumu:

Kinshasa-born Joel Mamboka Nkumu‛s work speaks of the place of woman in society.His mixed media oil paint, African fabrics and found items exalt and celebrate women‛swork, enterprise and aesthetics above their traditionally subservient roles.

A dedicated artist since his school days, Nkumu brought his work to Cape Town, SouthAfrica, where he has exhibited at the Zeitz MOCAA gallery and now produces his art from a collective studio in the city centre.


Unit G19, Old Castle Brewery Building, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, 7915